Curriculum Vitae

Farshid Gilak

Payment, Web, Mobile & Server Software Architect

Six years ago, by being the first full time employee of a newly established, (very) small company, I enjoyed & experienced the transformation of that company from the initial size to a giant, key market player and the most innovative payment service provider (PSP) in Iran, with now having more than a thousand staff and great shares of market cap in the areas of its activity. That tremendous growth has thought me of how correct and agile decision making, working hard while keeping focused on best-in-the-class service delivery,

being spiced up with true, applicable and avant-grade innovation can let an independent company, not associated with neither of big governmental banks, find its own way toward success, absorbing customers and competitors respect and reaching targets that could never be thought of before. My journey has always been mixed up with hard work, team playing toward on-time delivery, quality performance, innovation and hugging responsibilities instead of getting ride of them.

Industry expertise

Solid knowledge & vast experience in payment technologies, e.g. ISO 8583, architecture design, implementation, scaling, maintenance and deployment of acquiring switches, transaction processing, channel management and routing, terminal management systems (TMS), merchant management systems (MMS), settlement & clearance, billing, payment policy management. Familiar with fraud detection & prevention in payment industry, special hardware utilized in payment, e.g. concentrators, HSM devices, WAFs, etc. . Highly familiar with Iran‘s national transactions clearing house and card payment legislator (Shaparak) inspections routines, standards and instructions. Familiar with PCI DSS security standards, especially those related to transaction processing. Familiar with USSD technology and USSD-based payment, on top of SMPP, MSDP and HTTP platforms. Familiar with customer loyalty systems, especially in payment industry. Highly familiar with top-up, bill payment, pin delivery and relating technologies, in interaction with MTN-Irancell (NSN) eRefill and MCI Jiring Telepin. Other areas are mentioned elsewhere in this document.

Technical expertise

Programming languages (those which are currently being actively used): C#, Swift. Web application development:, CSS3, JavaScript, HTML5. Web servers protocols: Professional in IIS, familiar with Apache, HTTP, HTTPS, digital certificates, RDBMSs: Highly familiar with SQL Server in database design and tuning, bottlenecks, query optimization, profiling, analysis services BI, stored procedures and related concepts and tools. Familiar with Oracle RDBMS and MySQL. Operating systems: Windows Servers, Linux (used to be a bash script developer), OS X, virtualization using VMWare and VirtualBox. Development skills: Design patterns, multicore and threading, asynchronous system design, network programming, logging, deep knowledge in web service development in both SOAP and JSON, serialization, encryption with symmetric asymmetric algorithms, PKI and digital signing, testing, developing mobile application back-ends, good understanding of secure coding, application vulnerabilities and various attack scenarios. Also being a newcomer in iOS app development and a machine learning enthusiast.

Legal & contract expertise

Familiar with Iran’s domestic business & information technology law. Familiar with writing, tuning and reviewing all or aspects of information technology and mutual business contracts. Has experience in preparation or revision of SLA, OLA, software NDA, clarification of breach conditions. Has experience in preparing technical interview questionnaires and performing technical interviews. Has experience in interpreting terms & contracts. Has Experience in bi-directional translation of IT-related contracts from/to English/Persian.

Management and business expertise

Soft leadership, preventing micromanaging, can (and actually has used to, for a long time) manage and progress under pressure, active listener, wise resource planner and allocator, understanding, (technical) interview designer & performer, a believer in equal opportunity and a decider based upon affirmative action, a long-time and eager reader of management, entrepreneurship and corporate behavior articles from world‘s best sources, e.g. HBR,, McKinsey, Forbes, ...

Natural languages

Persian (mother tongue), English (fluent in all major lingual skills), German (basic, 1 year of training already and on), Turkish (fluent in Azeri language of Iran. familiar with Turkish language of Turkey. familiar with Republic of Azerbaijan's Azeri language.) and Arabic (limited understanding and reading skills).

Recent experiences

Head of Internet Payment Gateway & Solutions

Asan Pardakht
Jul '12 - Current

Currently I am the project manager and lead developer of Internet payment gateway of the company, which is one of 12 certified PSPs countrywide, for acquiring Internet transactions in a secure industrystandard environment.

Other responsibilities : (Feb ’10 – Present)

Project manager Lead developer of SMS Gateway, processing millions of SMSs on a daily basis, MCI and Jiring topup M2M services, ITSM system, merchant management system (now escalated to a dedicated team due to its growth). Also I am responsible for development of many complementary systems and also most of the systems which via them, the company systems interact with external systems. Hiring new staff for R&D department and being representative of the company in many committees, sessions and contracts also has been among my responsibilities.

Cards & Payments Industry Consultant

JBP Co. (Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting Pension Fund)
Sep '14 - Current

Consulting them on payment and card-based loyalty projects.

Developer & Oracle DB Administrator

Tecnotree Corporation
Mar '12 - June '12

Actively involved in customer loyalty systems & roaming interconnect teams of MTN Irancell. Tecnotree is a major vendor of MTN Irancell infrastructure systems and my working office was in MTN Irancell‘s headquarters.

Professional Courses

VeriFone POS Application Development (Dubai, UAE)

July 2011

Trained by VeriFone Inc. formal trainer, Sessions hosted by VeriFone itself.

PAX POS Application Development (Shenzhen, China)

Feb 2011

Trained in headquarters of PAX payment solutions company

ISMS: Information Security Management System (Tehran)

Aug. 2014

Trained by Hirsa Vision company instructors.

Recent Notable Projects

Design, architecting, development, expansion, document perpetration and system maintenance of: Asan Pardakht‘s internet payment gateway (2011-Now) · SMS gateway (2010-Now) · Topup Gateway (2011- Now) · ITSM, including asset management, configuration management and incident management, ticketing and escalation (2014-Now) · Day Bank’s online bill payment, online airtime credit purchase and debit gift cards ordering portal (plus their backends) (2015) · Eghtesad-e Novin Bank‘s real-time MCI bill payment notification system (2014) · HRM system of a subdiary of Iran‘s national oil company (2016)


Teach yourself PHP

Translation of the book by Chris Newman to Persian, Published by Naghoos Publishers, Tehran, Iran, 2006
ISBN: 964-96899-3-1


Payment & Banking Systems

Developing highly secure solutions for payment and financial transactions procesing, e.g. acquiring & channels

Web Applications

Developing reliable, intense, complext and responsive web apps for corporate, business and e-commerce sectors.

iOS Applications

Developing beutiful, standard, networked, universal and native iOS applications using Swift language.

Business Consulting

Emerging markets, entreprenuership, social media, growth acceleration, lean strategies, product development.

IT Governance

IT service management, compliance, IT control, security management, service orientation.

Backends & Enterprise

Business portals, provisioning, data intelligence, multi-party secure business gateways, governement portals.

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  • (+98)9128221121